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Check out Dellagio’s Ultimate Fitness Combo

Check out Dellagio’s Ultimate Fitness Combo from Nexxt Body and IV Lounge – For only $75 you get an EMS Session with Nexxt Body and a Super B-12 shot from IV Lounge. To redeem – schedule your FREE EMS session (online or call (407) 701-6145). Your first stop is Nexxt Body for your EMS session where you will pay the $75 promotional rate – then downstairs to IV Lounge for your B-12 shot. Offer valid for new or existing members or clients of Nexxt Body and IV Lounge. One offer per person, per month. Must be 18 years or older. Expires 10/20/20.

Staying fit and looking great, is fun! But truly being healthy (on the inside) is the secret to a happy life. At Nexxt Body Fitness, we are invested in ensuring our clients have the tools they need to ensure they are staying fit and being healthy. Our EMS training system ensures strong muscles, healthy joints, and enhanced cardiovascular ability. To establish a baseline and to ensure you are getting the results you want, we offer a Body Composition Analysis. A body comp analysis is an easy to use sports-technology test that we perform in our EMS Training studio – it breaks down your body into four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water.

At the IV Lounge (located at Dellagio Town Center in the Dr. Philips area of Orlando) you will find a sanctuary for your body and mind in the atmosphere of affordable luxury and comfort: all while being evaluated and cared for by highly trained medical doctors and professionals. IV Lounge Vitamin Therapy includes anti-aging blends, immune system boosts, athletic recovery formulas, and hangover treatments– and many more! Check out the full menu. As part of the Dellagio Ultimate Fitness Combo your Super B12 shot is a great way to introduce yourself to the many benefits. This shot will give you a boost of energy, promote detoxification and will help to lift the brain fog. Methylcobalamin 2500 mg used at the IV Lounge is a superior form of B12 and more expensive than more commonly used hydroxocobalamin.