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What are the results of EMS Training – and how long does it take?

You’ll feel a difference after your first EMS training session. As your body releases endorphins, and as most major muscle groups in your body are activated, you will experience increased physical awareness, resulting in improved posture. After a day or two, you’ll feel some muscle stiffness. This is normal and indicative of your body’s recovery process. You will feel stronger within about four weeks. And different muscles will improve to coordinate movements more effectively. After roughly six to eight sessions (or 6 to 8 weeks), you will see and feel a difference from the EMS training in the form of gradually increased muscle formation and a possible reduction in body fat (depending on your diet). As with conventional training, EMS training should be done regularly to ensure optimal results. Extensive research spanning three decades proves the effectiveness and scientific validation of EMS training. Areas of improvement include:

1.Maximum strength
2.Strength endurance
3.Hypertrophy (muscle growth)
4.Speed, responsiveness and agility
5.Perceived physical well-being
6.Balancing of muscular imbalances (i.e. reduction of back pain)